Blandine Bouscaud


Simplify Your Life in France - 'Paperwork isn't a problem'

“After studying Law at the University of Nantes I worked as a civil servant in the Department of Health (Ministère de la Santé) where I spent 20 years in various jobs as secretary and social worker.

I have learned English all along my life in my travels in the UK and also with all my English friends and I have always been very interested in the English culture, literature, way of life”

Are you thinking of moving to France or buying a holiday home or have you lived here for a while and are still struggling with French paperwork?  I think you might need me to ease your path into the French system!

I have been a fully registered  translator and  interpreter in Mid-Brittany for about ten years. 

I do all kinds of paperwork. My network from my previous job is still very alive and useful and I always keep myself aware of the changes in the French rules and regulations.

I am used to working with solicitors, barristers, bailiffs, and to translate for the police and the gendarmerie as well as for the French Courts (penal, civil, administrative, appeal)


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