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Simplify Your Life in France - 'Paperwork isn't a problem'

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I am French and understand French bureaucracy.  My friends and clients claim that I am more English than French and have an understanding and compassion for the challenges that sometimes arise when living in another country.

Simplify Your Life in France

“ Living in France is a rich and lovely experience but many things are very different to how they are in the UK. We really love paperwork and our administration can very quickly become your worst nightmare if you don’t get it right from the first step. The fact that few civil servants or even French people speak English doesn’t help !

I know the way the French administration behaves (I’ve been in it long enough!), I know what to do, when and how, I have the skills and  the network . “

Paperwork isn't a Problem

Registration with the Health cover systems (RSI – CPAM- MSA) depending on their activity

Dealing with the Tax Office (yearly Income tax forms, tax on properties, bin tax, fines etc…)

Registration as Auto entrepreneur (self-employed) or Artisan

Car registration and insurance, French  driving license

All the family events: marriage, birth, divorce, funerals…

CMU (top-up insurance) and CAF (Child and Social benefits) applications


I live and work in Mid-Brittany and I have clients from Lannion to Pontivy and Quintin to Morlaix! Of course I prefer to meet people each time this is possible and it also makes things easier for both of us but I also work through Internet with my farthest clients from Canada or Hong-Kong!


My fees are based on the time spent, or for the more technical translations regarding the size of the document. 

If you wish to have an estimate for my services please contact me.


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