Now for Something Completely Different

Jottings from my notebook is moving. WordPress have been a genteel host but I am starting to outgrow the limitations that are imposed on the free hosting but don’t want to pay twice for the privilege of moving occasionally outside of the play area. My occasional meanderings and brain dumps will appear here in future.

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Extract from ‘Converging Lines’

We abandoned the stealth with which we had started and urged our horses to pick up speed.  Swerving right then left around the wooden houses we headed towards the south.  Shouts could now be heard all around us and it was unclear which was the safest route to take.  If we could only get out…

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Under 1000 Days

I was born in the UK but have lived in France since 2010. My background was in Computing but I now prefer to spend my time wandering around art galleries and persuading my wife that there is such a thing as too many archaeological sites. I have written two novels which are available on Amazon…

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