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Before fleeing Mantua In 1500, Leonardo the painter hides his most astonishing secret.

During the last days of World War 2, William Scott, 14th Earl of Strathearn acquires a pastel sketch of a beautiful woman which is to lead his family into intrigue and death. The sketch has had a profound impact on the lives of everyone who became it’s temporary keeper. Years later, his grandson sets about discovering the secrets of the picture. His research takes us through Italy into Spain and France and through five hundred years of history.

A mystery story that runs forward through time with a high tech conclusion.

The second book in the History Detective series, Paul Breslin is under pressure to solve an ancient mystery in order to save a friend from imprisonment and ruin.

During the dark days of the French revolution, Antoine Lestrade, a lawyer and friend of Robespierre, is forced to flee France after Robespierre is executed by the people’s committee. Before leaving he arranges for Guillot to ransack the late Queen’s summer palace in order to find the mysterious ‘Queen’s necklace’ – an artefact that precipitated the execution of the the infamous Marie Antoinette.

Over two hundred and fifty years later, Paul Breslin is forced to track down the necklace in order to save one of Lestrade’s descendants from ruin.

The hunt takes him from Versailles in France to Sintra in Portugal where an encounter with a mysterious organisation puts his life in danger.